The platformer game

Hades Hideaway, the platformer game with a dark undertone with inspiration taken from the Greek Mythology.

Hades Hideaway is an upcoming platformer game with hints of horror, fantasy, and based on the ancient Greek mythology.

The game will feature randomised levels & soundtracks, roque-like gameplay elements such as exploration and perma-death.
The development is slow but steady, I love to take my time to create a game that I always dreamed of.

Since I am not a game developer, I use this game to learn c# and unity whilst I go.
Surely it’s a hard road ahead, but also a very motivating one. Especially after all the awesome messages I received after presenting my initial prototype video.

I considered Hades Hideaway to be a dark / black and white game, as that made sense to me regarding the underworld.
However I was unaware of games such a Limbo. Thankfully people started to point me out to this fact in a kind and supportive way.

Still, after a long time of thinking I decided to add more color and 3D elements to the game world.
I do not intend to make the next big thing in gaming, nor surfing the indie wave, yet since I was a kid (39years now) I’ve always dreamed of what It would be like to make a game such as Alex Kidd, Abe’s Odyssey, Ico, myself, games I used to play and adore. Last year in Cyprus all my 101 game ideas came together, and the time felt right to dive in.

This website is in progress… in the meantime feel free to link up via facebook

Early prototype footage.

Since the video went online, I made a lot of changes, as you will see in the screenshots here and on facebook.