Handy editor scripts in unity

instant editor scripts

We all create editor scripts, right? The are useful, brings a whole new dimension to your components. However… creating the base editor script is a repetitive task.
Therefor I created a small little useful package “Handy Editor Scripts” that automates this procedure so you can focus on precious development time.

How Handy Editor scripts works:

Ideally you place your scripts inside a script folder. Editor scripts must reside in an Editor Folder, therefor this tool will automatically create an Editor folder where your scripts reside.

When you select a script simply right click and choose: Create > Handy Editor Script

Handy editor scripts

The script automatically detects c#, Javascript and Boo. When no editor folder exists an editor folder will be created and the newly created editor script will written to that location.

Existing Editor Folders or scripts won’t be overwritten.

This script is also available on the unity asset store.

If you want please do rate and review this asset on the unity asset store. It helps growing this package with more features.

Alternatively here is the project on github.

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Thank you — Peter — www.nitras.be peter@nitras.be

Reorderable List from Generic List in Unity

Since Unity 5.4 we have an undocumented feature: reorderable list and they are fantastic.

After reading this great blog post by Valentin Simonov I decided to tackle reordable lists in Unity myself.
After all, they truly present a much cleaner way to display your lists, with the added bonus of an add and remove button.

However, after struggling a bit to get a generic List of gameobjects to appear in the editor as a reorderable list, I decided to write this blog post.
As it is an undocumented feature, my guess is that quite some people could benefit from it. In the end, the result is fairly easy as you will see.

I do strongly suggest to read the original article as it covers the whole subjects to a great extent.

Create a reorderable List in Unity

Let’s imagine you have your base class, featuring a generic gameobject list

Creating the Editor Script:

(btw. I have quite a handy free tool for Unity to create an instant base for your editor scripts which you can find in the asset store:
Handy Editor Scripts or Handy Tools — Useful Hierarchy / Folder Structure / Instant Editor Scripts / Level Design Tools
While you are there check out some of my other tools, they might come in “handy” *coughs)


The result is a nice looking list which you can move around, and edit.
reorderable list


That is all you need to do, and if required, please find the code on github.
In conclusion, make sure to read the initial article for a clear and in-depth guide.